Children are in the developing stages in life. Durin their time growing up we have to keep constant care of their health. This is why children must do physicals, eye vision test, checkups ext. every year, so we can monitor their health and make sure they are safe. Vaccinations are another way to help keep your children safe.

What do vaccinations do?

A vaccination is like a test for your body to get ready to fight off the real thing. A dead or weakened form of antigens is injected into the body. The virus whatever it may be cannot infect your body, however, your body sees the virus as a threat and adapts to protect itself. This gives your body the prep it needs in case it the real version of the virus enters the body. Vaccinations were made because if a big virus infects our body for example like the measles; the body could take up to three days to produce antibodies to fight it. By this time the virus could have spread throughout the body & been fatal.

Are Vaccinations safe?

Vaccinations do come with side effects sometimes. Side effect includes:

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Whooping cough (serve cases)
  • Fever

The percentage of children getting serve side effects from vaccinations is very low. Side effects are a normal part of everyday life, everything we do has risks. This should not stop parents from not vaccinating their children.


The truth is vaccinations save millions of children lives every year. A vaccination to a newborn will help keep your baby safe for years to come. Vaccinations, when done consistently through the generations, will sometime grant immunity to future down the line. Vaccinations are extremely effective, and they save a lot of time and money. Protect your child today! Bring them down to AFC Urgent Carel & make your appointment today!