1.) Go to our website (www.afcurgentcarewlb.com) and look for “Book Telemedicine” in the middle of the page:

2.) Once you click on “Book Telemedicine” you will be brought the following page:

Use this screen to begin booking your telemedicine visit online

3.) Please fill out all information in order to book the appointment.  Reason for Visit, choose a date and time, been here before?, name, date of birth, cell number, email address, home address, choose insurance or self-pay and check both boxes for terms of service and consent. Press “Book Visit”.

4.) Add photos of the patient’s ID: This step is easiest if you are using a cellphone.  Place your ID on a flat surface and line up front of card on the screen of your phone and press “take a photo”.  Repeat steps for the back of the card.  If you are using a computer to register your appointment, you will have to take a picture with your cellphone and email it to you and save the picture on your computer.  You can now press the “take a photo” and it will bring up the photos on your computer.  Choose the front side for the first picture and the back of the card for the second. Press “Continue”

5.) Press on Complete Paperwork as shown here. 

Click “Complete Paperwork” and then wait for instructions

6.) At the time of your visit, go on the website and someone from our office will contact you.

7.) Fill out all requested information in order for the office to register the appointment.  You will also need to sign the consent forms in order for the telemedicine visit to be performed.

8) Once the steps are completed press “submit paperwork”.

9.) You will receive a Thank you screen and a pick rectangle to “Join the call.”

10. Prior to your appointment time, a member of the staff will call you for triage questions.  They will instruct you to press on that “Join the call” button at your appointment time.

11.)  Our office will be notified when you joined the call and will inform the doctor that you are ready.  Please know that the doctor may be treating another patient and there may be a wait involved.  We do appreciate your patience and will be with you as soon as possible.

12.)  Once your visit is complete with the doctor he may schedule you to come to the office to be seen or to visit our drive thru Covid-19 testing.  Please do not enter the building if you are here for Covid-19 testing. 

You must call the office at 732-222-8000 and let the staff know you have arrived.  Please drive your car to the right side of the building (farthest from Walgreens not between us and Walgreens) and park your car on or near the yellow speed bump.  A Medical Assistant will be out shortly to assist you.

Directions to AFC Urgent Care West Long Branch:

AFC Urgent Care is located in the Walgreens shopping center at the corner of Highway 36 and 71.  The office is about 3 miles off of Exit 105 of the Garden State Parkway.

Pull up to the side of the building next to the brick wall (farthest from Walgreens) and park on the yellow speed bump in the road.  Please call the office at 732-222-8000 to let us know you are here. Please remain in your vehicle with your windows up and a medical professional will be out to test you.

Thank you for choosing AFC Urgent Care in West Long Branch.  

Our normal business hours are Mon-Fri 9am to 8pm and Sat-Sun 9am to 5pm.