You may have noticed some retail clinics or “MinuteClinics” popping up in your area recently. These clinics try to provide immediate healthcare services to patients in familiar locations such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retail settings.

However, a retail clinic may not provide the same high-quality medical care that an urgent care center can deliver. Urgent care centers are staffed with board-certified physicians that can inform, guide, and plan your healthcare decisions.

Unlike a retail clinic, an urgent care center provides extensive preventive care screenings and medical exams on top of injury treatment, flu and cold symptom treatment, STD screenings, and allergy treatment.

The main differences between urgent care centers and retail clinics include:

Urgent Care Centers

  • Staffed with board-certified physicians
  • Treats significant, non-emergency injuries including bone breaks, sprains
  • Provide extensive preventive care services including screenings, STD tests, and x-rays
  • Has both walk-in clinic and scheduled appointment access
  • Patients can check-in online
  • A consistent range of urgent care services
  • Provides employer health services for small and large businesses

Retail Clinics

  • Usually no licensed physician on site
  • Less advanced medical procedures than urgent care
  • Either limited or no imaging services like x-ray services
  • An inconsistent range of services between specific retail clinics

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